Will Hadcroft. Funeral Celebrant

Will Hadcroft

Who am I?

I am Will Hadcroft, a funeral celebrant based in Bolton. I aim to provide you with a personal and individual service creating  a ceremony that fits the person whose life we are commemorating. I cover mainly the Bolton area, but if you would like to discuss other areas, please get in touch.

I have worked in a number of different roles and have plenty of experience as a public speaker.  I am a published author with a number of books to my name, in my spare time I have been known to write poetry and even write and record songs.

How did I become a Funeral Celebrant?

In 2018, my step daughter died after battling cancer. She was a Quaker, and they don’t have ministers officiating their services. Knowing that attendees at the funeral would just spontaneously stand up and say what my step-daughter meant to them, my wife and I prepared something to say in advance. The reaction I received afterwards was one of appreciation of my words and how I encapsulated her as a person.

A few months later when another relative passed away unexpectedly, the family were certain that they didn’t want a religious minister to give the funeral talk because the deceased was not a religious person. With little time to prepare, I was asked if I would do it. And so, I interviewed three family members, was told what music should be included. What occurred on the day was a very personalised, bespoke ceremony that was all about our much missed relative.

I started to consider that this may be a new role for me. I knew I could put together a sensitive and heartfelt ceremony and present it in a manner that would be appreciated, it’s what I should be doing. I went on to train with the UK Society of Celebrants and became a member of UKSOC. I now deliver non-religious ceremonies throughout the Bolton area.

What Can I Offer You?

I arrange and co-ordinate non-religious funeral ceremonies that truly reflect the life of the person that has passed. The funeral will be all about them—a time to mourn the loss of them, yes, but a time to celebrate their life, too. I will work closely with your chosen funeral director and others involved in the ceremony, together we will deliver a personal ceremony that reflects the life they led. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss how I may help you deliver the ceremony you require.